At this page, we publish larps, slides, videos and other material from the summer schools. This is not an exhaustive list of all larps and lectures held at the summer school, and only contains program items where we have some materials to share.

Materials from LWSS 2016

Mixing Desk of Larp:

Materials from LWSS 2014


When Our Destinies Meet (2012, 2013) (game website)
The Fall of Andrea Capponi (2012) (game script)
The Family Andersson (2012) (game script)
New Voices in Art (2012) (game script)
Microscope (2012) (game website)
White Death (2013) (game script)

Larp presentations

Petter Karlsson: Skymningsland (slides, documentary)
Bjarke Pedersen: Delirium (documentary)

Mixing Desk Talks

Introduction to the Mixing Desk
Johanna Koljonen: Introduction to the Mixing Desk of Larp (2013) (slides)
Åke Nolemo: Playing style (2012)(slides)
Bjarke Pedersen: Openness (2012) (video)
Åke Nolemo: Character creation responsibility (2012) (slides, video)
Teresa Axner: Player motivation  (2012)(slides, video)
Petter Karlsson: Metatechniques (2012) (slides, video)
Lars Nerbäck: Game master style (2012) (video)
Teresa Axner: Plausibility (2012) (slides, video)
Oliver Nøglebæk: Bleed-in (2012) (video)
Åke Nolemo: Bleed-in (2013) (slides)
Bjarke Pedersen: Openness (2013) (slides)
Petter Karlsson: Metatechniques (2013) (slides)


Eirik Fatland: The Common ground of larp (2012) (slides)
Johanna Koljonen: Playing it safe (2012) (video)
Eirik Fatland: What is a Playable Character? (2012) (slides, video)
Oliver Nøglebæk and Mads Havshøj: Venue and Scenography toolbox (2012) (slides, cheatsheet, video)
Eirik Fatland: The Cost of Complexity (2012) (video)
Miriam Lundquist: Adapting to your target audience (2012) (video)
Trine Lise Lindahl: Designing for re-runnability (2012) (video)
Lars Nerbäck: Classical stories and Larp (2013) (further reading)
Åke Nolemo: Listening and fixing as a GM (2013) (slides)
Johanna Koljonen: Safety in Larp (2013) (slides)

Other programme items

Teresa Axner and others: Debrief bohnanza workshop (2012) (exercises)
Petter Karlsson: Meta-techniques applied workshop (2012) (slides)
Kristoffer Thurøe: Pre-larp workshop (2012) (slides)
Jana Pouchla: Make it theatrical! (2012) (video)

Other resources

Workshop Handbook - blog on workshop methods
Chamber games - downloadable games